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How to Select a Good Party Rental Company for a Successful Birthday

Hiring party rental companies is no new concept in our society, and for all occasions counting birthday, marriage anniversary, family party, New Year or Christmas party, and others, selection of the most consistent party rental company comes next to your needed homework. In the fast paced world, when people have hardly time to run behind things required for a birthday party, party rentals in Sugar Lands are more than prepared to meet everything to make your party a grand success, peaceful and unforgettable. For example,

• Birthday Party Cakes

• Caterers

• Photographers and photo booths

• Tables, chairs, and tents

• Bounce House

• Inflatable Slides, Waterslides

• DJ’s

Beverage Machines and so on

Five Top Tips to Reach the Best Party Rentals

Once your homework is over to decide whom to invite, number of invitees, foods and beverages to be served, amusement items to be rented etc. go through the following 5 steps to reach your party rental company.

Check References

Since throwing parties has been a part of life, you can always get trustworthy referrals from your co-workers, friends, family relations, neighbors. Alternatively, Google is well prepared to supply you the details of dependable party rentals in Sugar Land. To make a further research, go through the company websites; find reviews, rating of the company, client comments, and their specialties. Accordingly, shortlist three names for necessary interviewing and finalization.

Check Certification/Insurance

To begin with, after giving a brief idea of your party theme to the representative of the rental company, know if they can provide you all-inclusive services that you look for and their availability on the date. If you get a confirmation, find whether it has legitimate business certification from authorities, having insurance wherever necessary. Many people are engaged in part time party rental business while you must make sure that you’re talking to a professional group.

Safety and Sanitation Policy

When it comes to safety and sanitation rules, a party rental company must follow sanitation standards not just limiting to foods and beverages, or dishes, cups and utensils but the criterion applies to entertaining tools and equipments like bouncing house or moonwalk. As a birthday party event, it is quite expected that you will be renting a great moonwalk or waterslide, while it’s vital for you to ensure if party rentals are prepared with safety rated fire-proof inflatables or jumpers. Do they disinfect the bouncers every time after and before they are used? Are the bounders made of supple non-toxic rubberized materials? These are the most essential questions you must ask and ascertain before finalizing the deal.

Check Clientele/ Credentials/ Brochure

Just stop talking to a party rental company which cannot show you the details of their client list whom they have served from individual to corporate sectors. Look for some praiseworthy testimonials received by the renting company from various clients explaining their consistency, standard of the crew, customer services, and safety concerns to guarantee the reliability of rentals in Sugar Land. Remember, a professional party rental company will visit you just not with their business card, but will provide you the corporate brochure of the company. This should include the company profile, services offered, major clients, special achievements and quality plus safety policies etc.

Rate and Payment Policy

Most important decisive for you is going through the standard printed price list, while you should go through the rate of various rental supplies, package offers, if any, delivery policy, obligations. Also, check if prices are inclusive of taxes or levies to be added. Ensure, if delivery is free or extra and payment policies. Reputed party rentals in Sugar Land accept payment through master cards, debit/credit cards, as well as bank through payment which is a better option than paying cash. Accordingly, after interviewing the three, choose the best one that matches to all your needs and budget.

Five Questions to Ask When Renting a Moonwalk

Mind well, inflatables are also called as bouncy house, moonwalks, jumpers etc, and even though specially designed for entertaining kids and teens, adults can also participate in the events and enjoy a great time of hopping, falling, and laughing. With the increasing popularity of moonwalk rentals in Missouri City, and innovations, these days renting companies are prepared with variety of inflatables such as inflatable slides, puzzle games, obstacle courses and others. The biggest advantage of the huge entertaining tools is, due to they are made inflatable; they’re handy to store and transport.

Five Questions to Ask When Renting a Moonwalk

1. How do you ensure safety and maintain sanitation for moonwalks?

The most vital question for anyone interested in moonwalk rentals in Missouri City is ensuring whether the rental company is operational with industry standard bouncing houses and sticks to the guidelines and instructions offered by authorities in regard to preserving hygiene of the inflatables.

What to Expect?

If your company is a genuine one, it should boast of having safety rated, industry standard highly secured inflatables. Especially designed for entertaining children and teens, inflatables must be made of healthy soft rubberized materials with flexible exterior covering. The rubbers and membrane must be not toxic along with its colors, whereas the structure should be designed 100% protected with necessary walling to avoid harm from slipping and falling. The gas for inflating is common air or helium. Since, you are simply renting the device like many others, it’s essential for the rental company to disinfect the entire tool after every uses and once more before delivering to another place.

2. Do you charge extra for delivery and installation of the moonwalk?

Even though the industry standard is free delivery and installation, however, to ensure that the company is not a fake one or not making you fool, a confirmation is always the best choice

What to Expect?

Typically, if the delivery site is not too far like, when you think of an outdoor party spot or you have special deliver restrictions, there is no charge for set-up or delivery. Further, there should be a specific delivery time as well as timeframe for hiring the tool. In case, your party time extends due to any reason, the company may change you something more depending on its policy.

3. What is program cancellation policy in case there is a stormy weather?

Mind well, inflatables must not be used in windy climatic condition. If the wind blows 15 to 20 mph, or more, using moonwalks is not safe for kids. Equally, this applies for rain or below 30 degree temperature. And on cancellation of the program, you can get full refund of the rental amount.

What to Expect?

As moonwalk rentals monitor the weather condition through various sources, it’s equally your responsibility to check the morning and get through an internet weather forecast report. Even there is 50/50 chance of winds or rain, call the company and cancel the order. All cancellation should be made before the delivery of the equipment and before the time as stated by the company in its order form. The company offers full cooperation on this regard. If you wish, instead of cancellation, postponing of the date is also possible. Accordingly, you get full refund or arrange the program on other date.

4. How to calculate the space and what are the setting requirements?

Calculation of the space is vital before picking the size of the moonwalk rentals in Missouri City to be installed in your backyard or outdoor. Equally, the set should be well prepared before having an installation.

What to Expect?

Typically, a professional moonwalk company looks for flat, grassy evenly mowed debris/rocks free, clean land. When it comes to space requirement, for 13’ x 13’, 15’ x 15’, and combo moonwalks, you should have a 17’ x 17’, 19’ x 19’, and 20’ x 24’ space respectively. Additionally, a standard extra clearance of 2’ to 5 ‘should be added to it for successful installation.

5. What is the capacity of your moonwalks? Can adults have ride?

Significantly, you must keep an adult to supervise the kids while playing on the moonwalks. Under no circumstances, the supervisor should allow children more than the moonwalk’s capacity to hop it.

What to Expect?

All legalized company is extremely serious on this issue to ensure safety and wellbeing on the children and needs your cooperation. Adults are allowed while the number of children or teens should be minimized correspondingly.

• 13’ x 13 ‘moonwalks: Children below 10 years = 8/ aging 9-12 = 5/ Teen = 4/ Adult = 3
• 15’ x 15 ‘moonwalks: Children below 10 years = 10/ aging 9-12 = 6 / Teen = 5/ Adults = 4

This is a standard guideline/ overweight persons should be accordingly taken into consideration.

Choose a Colorful Bounce House for a Kid’s Party

Do you have a kid’s party or an event coming up? Do you want your party to be too much fun? Well, then you need not look any further. You need to consider our specially designedbounce house rentals in Sugar Land. These bounce house rentals are all age appropriate. If you wish to have a bouncy party, you should invest in our bounce house. Party rentals provide the best bounce house rentals in Sugarland at the most economical price. Party rentals in Sugar Land offer a large variety of Moonwalk bounce house in terms of color and different themes such as Mickey Mouse, whinny – the pooh, and other cartoon characters.

Moonwalk bounce house rentals in Sugar Land are the most ideal for all kids’ parties such as their birthday party, family get together, NGO or fund raising parties, summer carnivals or school events. Our moonwalk rental come in varying sizes and fits almost any yard. They can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. A moonwalk bounce house rental is trending in town. It draws a large crowd towards it. Apart from the kids the adults too can creep into these giant structures. All our Moonwalk bounce rentals are designed using the best mechanics. They inflate in less than two minutes and deflate in five to ten minutes without a deflator.  Well, do you need more reasons to invest in our bounce houses? The following features of all our Moonwalk bounce balls will now surely convince you that they are the ideal choice for any kids- theme party in Sugar Land.

All age group appropriate-             

Do you have a mindset that the bounce houses are only for kids? Then you need to rethink. Our bounce houses are not only for kids but some adults too enjoy creeping into these giant structures and having some fun. This huge structures anti-gravity thrill is sure to excite the kids and adults alike.

Moonwalks bounce house rentals in Sugar Land are the greatest entertainment in itself-

You don’t need to spend time and efforts in planning different activities for your kids’ party to keep them entertained. You simply require hiring our bounce house to arouse fun, excitement and thrill among the kids. Once the bounce house Moonwalk is set in your party, just open the doors and the fun begins. The children can play many games on the bounce house such as bounce like an animal, bouncing race and so on. It is a great entertainment to keep the children engaged for a long time.

You do not require too much adult supervision

When you plan many activities in a kid’s party, you need to have a number of adults supervising the kids and conducting the activities as well. But the fun moonwalk bounce house will relieve you of too much responsibility. You don’t need many adults overlooking and supervising the kids when they are in the bounce house. You need only an adult or two to overlook the kids while they play on the bounce house. The kids are almost hours enjoying themselves in the bounce house, and the adults get time to socialize with each other in the party.

It’s never old-fashioned and boring

Do you think the kids will soon be bored of the bounce house? Well, you need not worry about that. Moonwalks will never fail to entertain your kids. They will always arouse interest, thrill and excitement among your kids.

Moonwalk bounce house rentals are affordable.

Moonwalk balloon houses are never too expensive to afford. Party rentals offer one -day and two- day packages to our customers to hire our balloon houses at a very economical rate with no compromise on quality at all. Party rentals provide high -quality bounce houses on rental at the most economical rates in the town. So now you can add the thrill and excitement to all your events without a big hole in your pocket.

Renting an inflatable bounce house has never been so easy. Party rentals give you the best offer inflatable bounce house at your location at an affordable price. It is an excellent, fun, thrilling and exciting thing to have at your kid’s party. The kids will always remember it as the best party ever.

Moonwalk Rentals for All Occasions

Do you have a party coming up? You would want it to be fun, and the best in town, isn’t it? When you are celebrating something great such as your birthday party, wedding, graduation, or just a fun party night, you would want to make it memorable. Then what do you need for a great party? Do you need a lot of planning and an investment of a lot of money?  No, you do not need to worry now. Party rentals have everything you need for a successful party without having a big hole in your pocket. Party rentals understand that it is not possible in the trending times to take out time from your busy schedule to plan activities, arrange a lot of food and rent an inflatable for your party. Party rentals provide everything you need to arrange a party at Pearland. Here is what party rentals provide for a hassle free party organization at an economical price.

Moonwalk rentals for all occasions

Party rentals provide the best Moonwalk rentals in Pearland. They are a lot of fun and always popular at all parties. They are easy to set up and take down. You need not provide us anything except open space to set up our inflatable. Party rentals provide the inflation tubes, the electronic chords and extensions and electric mowers. Most of our Moonwalk houses inflate in less than five minutes and take ten to fifteen minutes to deflate. Party rentals have a variety of bounce houses to provide. Party rentals offer dry slides, wet slides, trampolines, climbing walls and combination bounce houses. Our Moonwalk rentals inflated with full safety and safety instructions are also clearly explained to all our customers when they use the moonwalk rentals.  All our Moonwalk rentals are designed with utmost safety. All the equipments are disinfected before use. All our products are insured and inspected by the State of Texas. You don’t even need to worry about cleaning the inflatable’s after use. It is our responsibility to clean all equipments after pick up to ensure that our customers always have a clean and pleasant experience. Party rentals need a plain grass surface to set up the inflatable, but sometimes party rentals in Pearland have also set up our inflatable’s on beaches.   They are suitable for all occasions such as family reunion, birthday parties, community parties, carnivals, school events, weddings and much more. The Moonwalk rentals are for all ages alike. Party rentals also commit all time service, be it the weekends, or late night events to make your parties memorable.

The fun things you can try out with our Moonwalk rentals.

You can do a lot of fun things with our bounce houses. You can try to set the world record by bouncing the maximum number of times. To be more realistic bouncing for the maximum time can be competed among your party group.

All our rentals are for a period of six hours but you can also avail them on a one-day or two- day packages. Party rentals promise to deliver free delivery for all Moonwalk Rentals in Pearland.

Party rentals provide the most economical rates in the market and you can make the payments in any mode. Party rentals give facilities of payments made through credit and debit cards, cash and PayPal account. Party rentals also accept cheque as the payment method.

So now, whatever be the occasion to throw a party you need not worry anymore. Party rentals deliver everything you need for a successful party at your doorstep. You just need to sit and relax.

Inflatable’s like wet slide, dry slide, trampolines, and combo fun houses are all available at your disposal. Party rentals provide professional set up of all our Moonwalk rentals at your doorstep. It may always happen that weather plays a spoilt sport in your party. So if your party gets rained out, do not worry. Your money has not been wasted. Party rentals have the policy to offer refunds or alternative day’s options to hold your party.

So are you ready to host the best party in town at the most affordable prices. Go for Moonwalk Rentals to have a blast at your party and make it a memorable one for your guests and yourself. In terms of quality and customer service party rentals offer the best in town.