Five Questions to Ask When Renting a Moonwalk

Mind well, inflatables are also called as bouncy house, moonwalks, jumpers etc, and even though specially designed for entertaining kids and teens, adults can also participate in the events and enjoy a great time of hopping, falling, and laughing. With the increasing popularity of moonwalk rentals in Missouri City, and innovations, these days renting companies are prepared with variety of inflatables such as inflatable slides, puzzle games, obstacle courses and others. The biggest advantage of the huge entertaining tools is, due to they are made inflatable; they’re handy to store and transport.

Five Questions to Ask When Renting a Moonwalk

1. How do you ensure safety and maintain sanitation for moonwalks?

The most vital question for anyone interested in moonwalk rentals in Missouri City is ensuring whether the rental company is operational with industry standard bouncing houses and sticks to the guidelines and instructions offered by authorities in regard to preserving hygiene of the inflatables.

What to Expect?

If your company is a genuine one, it should boast of having safety rated, industry standard highly secured inflatables. Especially designed for entertaining children and teens, inflatables must be made of healthy soft rubberized materials with flexible exterior covering. The rubbers and membrane must be not toxic along with its colors, whereas the structure should be designed 100% protected with necessary walling to avoid harm from slipping and falling. The gas for inflating is common air or helium. Since, you are simply renting the device like many others, it’s essential for the rental company to disinfect the entire tool after every uses and once more before delivering to another place.

2. Do you charge extra for delivery and installation of the moonwalk?

Even though the industry standard is free delivery and installation, however, to ensure that the company is not a fake one or not making you fool, a confirmation is always the best choice

What to Expect?

Typically, if the delivery site is not too far like, when you think of an outdoor party spot or you have special deliver restrictions, there is no charge for set-up or delivery. Further, there should be a specific delivery time as well as timeframe for hiring the tool. In case, your party time extends due to any reason, the company may change you something more depending on its policy.

3. What is program cancellation policy in case there is a stormy weather?

Mind well, inflatables must not be used in windy climatic condition. If the wind blows 15 to 20 mph, or more, using moonwalks is not safe for kids. Equally, this applies for rain or below 30 degree temperature. And on cancellation of the program, you can get full refund of the rental amount.

What to Expect?

As moonwalk rentals monitor the weather condition through various sources, it’s equally your responsibility to check the morning and get through an internet weather forecast report. Even there is 50/50 chance of winds or rain, call the company and cancel the order. All cancellation should be made before the delivery of the equipment and before the time as stated by the company in its order form. The company offers full cooperation on this regard. If you wish, instead of cancellation, postponing of the date is also possible. Accordingly, you get full refund or arrange the program on other date.

4. How to calculate the space and what are the setting requirements?

Calculation of the space is vital before picking the size of the moonwalk rentals in Missouri City to be installed in your backyard or outdoor. Equally, the set should be well prepared before having an installation.

What to Expect?

Typically, a professional moonwalk company looks for flat, grassy evenly mowed debris/rocks free, clean land. When it comes to space requirement, for 13’ x 13’, 15’ x 15’, and combo moonwalks, you should have a 17’ x 17’, 19’ x 19’, and 20’ x 24’ space respectively. Additionally, a standard extra clearance of 2’ to 5 ‘should be added to it for successful installation.

5. What is the capacity of your moonwalks? Can adults have ride?

Significantly, you must keep an adult to supervise the kids while playing on the moonwalks. Under no circumstances, the supervisor should allow children more than the moonwalk’s capacity to hop it.

What to Expect?

All legalized company is extremely serious on this issue to ensure safety and wellbeing on the children and needs your cooperation. Adults are allowed while the number of children or teens should be minimized correspondingly.

• 13’ x 13 ‘moonwalks: Children below 10 years = 8/ aging 9-12 = 5/ Teen = 4/ Adult = 3
• 15’ x 15 ‘moonwalks: Children below 10 years = 10/ aging 9-12 = 6 / Teen = 5/ Adults = 4

This is a standard guideline/ overweight persons should be accordingly taken into consideration.