Why Growing Popularity of Happy Hour Bars?

Happy hour bars offer ‘happy hours’ on a regular basis. Some offer it once or twice a week; others for certain hours every day. Happy hour is a marketing strategy that can benefit both customers and the owners or the management of the bars offering it.

But how do you find a bar in your area that offers happy hours? Let’s say; you live in Albuquerque. So, an online search with the keywords happy hour Albuquerque can provide you with all the names of places offering the same. You can use the search results to find the bar of your liking based on the discounts offered.

Happy Hours – a Win-Win for All

Happy hour refers to specific time slots in a bar with special discounts on drinks or the menu. These times are perfect for bars to draw in more guests. The management often leverages these times to promote their business or a new menu.

Guests love to use happy hours as it means ‘double’ the fun. For the price of one, you can get two drinks. You get to taste new drinks or cocktails that the bar is trying to launch. During happy hours, bar management often promotes new alcoholic beverage brands they plan to introduce on their menu. They can test the market for it during happy hours. Regular guests can even offer their honest feedback about the promotional drinks and help the bar management make informed decisions about the new brand introductions.

Happy hours are mostly frequented by a young crowd in their mid-30s or lower. Youngsters entering employment or starting new jobs definitely take advantage of happy hours. So, bars often boost their sales during such times.

Fun All Around

Happy hours are not only fun due to discounts on liquors. During happy hours, bars often organize live music or some entertainment event to bring in more guests. So, not only you get to enjoy a drink on attractive offers, but you also get to have more fun.

Standup comedy acts and live music by upcoming bands or singers are often organized during happy hours to promote the artists. Guests get to enjoy discounted drinks with entertainment. Bars boost their day’s sales. Artists get the good promotion. Everybody gets to have more fun than usual.

Good for Business

Happy hours are good for business. Happy hours at bars are becoming more popular as it increases revenue, but it also helps with branding. If you are low on funds or saving up, you are more likely to visit a bar during happy hours for the obvious reasons.

It can boost sales during the week when generally the crowd is sparse as compared with the weekends. Happy hours help to offset low sales during the week or daytime.

Young people are more likely to use happy hours to celebrate special occasions or throw parties for their friends. If you are entertaining or treating a large group of friends, you are very likely to consider a bar offering happy hours.

Brand Loyalty

Happy hours can help bars build brand loyalty. Guests are likely to visit a bar regularly if they get good deals and entertainment during happy hours. These guests are likely to become patrons in the long run, something every business relies on and needs.

Guests also love to frequent places where they are familiar with the staff and can get good treatment. They might get to know about promotional events in advance and even bring in more guests with them.

Social Content

Happy hours make for great social content. Before the event, the bar management can promote new brands or the new menu. Post the event, the management can use pictures and fun images to tell the world about it. Those who follow the brand can share the content with their friends and followers.

So, happy hours can help the management get some great social content. Such promotions attract more entertainment events for the next happy hour and keep the guests happy.

All in all, happy hours at bars are good for business and good for the guests as well.